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DA2 (׷ D/A )


DA2 EMM Labs ǥ DACԴϴ. ϳ ٺ 缳 Դϴ. 帶Ʈʴ ٽ ѹ ο DAC ½ϴ. DAC , е 鿡 ο ϴ. DA2 ο :


-尡 Ƴα ٸ մϴ.

-MDACTM ʷ Ϻ и DSD1024/16xDSD D/A ͷ ijٿ ִ ü ü ̷ϴ.

- ִ MDACTM DSP ο 16xDSD MDACTM Ͽ ó ȿ ֵ ؼ ƮǾϴ. ο MDAT2TM DSP ǽð ɰ ó ġ ԷµǴ ȣ, PCM DSD ȣ ο 16xDSD MDACTM -ϴ ߰ ֽϴ.

-USB ̽ ϵ




ǰ :

Է : AES/EBU1, Coaxial2, Optical2, USB B1, Emm Optilink1

Ƴα : RCA1, XLR1

: 2.3V(RCA), 4.6V(XLR)

ũ(WHD) : 438161400mm

: 17.2kg






Worlds first 16xDSD proprietary discrete dual differential D-to-A converters (MDAC2)

Newly designed next generation analog stages

Latest generation 16xDSD Meitner Digital Audio Translator (MDAT2) signal processing technology

Latest generation enhanced MFAST technology for instant signal acqusition and jitter-free performance

Next generation MCLK2 proprietary custom clock

Proprietary USB interface hardware galvanic isolation

24bit, 192kHz support on all PCM inputs including USB

DSD, 2xDSD and DXD (352/384kHz) over USB

Exclusive aerospace-grade ceramic circuit boards

EMM Optilink interface for connection to transport

Precision-machined aluminum chassis & remote control

Polarity inversion performed in the digital domain

USB port for wired remote control

Serial port for wired remote control

New optimized reference power system

    - Power factor corrected

    - Factory set to 100V or 115V or 230V, 50/60Hz

    - Power consumption : max. 30W


Digital inputs : EMM Optilink (CD/SACD)

                    Supports up to 24bit, 192kHz on all

                    PCM inputs : AES/EBU, USB,

                    2x SPDIF Coax, 2x S/PDIF Toslink

                   USB also supports streaming DSD,

                   2xDSD, DXD (352 and 384kHz)


Stereo analog outputs : XLR and RCA

Output impedance :

                  300 ohms balanced (XLR)

                  150 ohms unbalanced (RCA)

Output levels :

                  XLR outputs : 4.6V (+15.45dBu)

                  RCA outputs : 2.3V (+9.45dBu)

Dimensions : W x D x H : 438 x 400 x 161mm

Weight : 17.2kg